Ancient Toponymy

This section of the site will contain as many as possible place-names from the classical sources, like Ptolemy (Ptol.), Strabo (Strab.), Pliny (Plin.), and the guide-books of the late antiquity. Other minor sources are Herodotus (Her.), Titus Livius (Liv.), Stephanus of Byzantium (Steph. Byz.), Tacitus (Tac.), Pomponius Mela (Mel.), etc.

The place-names are presented in their best attested, latinized form. The single page will include a short description of the place, the variants of the name, and a section on the etymology, that is opened to any comments, suggestions etc.

For better navigation, the place-names are grouped in some links pages (see below), corresponding more or less to the provinces of the Roman Empire or their major subdivisions. The links will be active when the single pages will be inserted.


List of toponyms
    • Baetica
    • Lusitania
    • Tarraconensis
    Gallia British Isles
    • Britannia
    • Hibernia
    Italia Italian Isles
    • Sardinia (54 entries)
    • Corsica
    • Sicilia (142 entries) inserted May 24, 2003
    Danube Frontier
    • Raetia
    • Noricum
    • Pannonia (102 entries) inserted
    • Illyria (108 entries) inserted August 29, 2005
    Eastern Europe
    • Moesia
    • Dacia
    • Thracia
    • Epirus (113 entries) inserted August 21, 2011
    • Macedonia
    Northern Europe
    • Germania
    • Sarmatia
    • Scytia